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With pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services included in its sales service, the company will provide thoughtful services for you at each stage! 

Pre-sales Service

1. Exclusive technical custom service, providing professional technical consultation service. 
2. Adjust design plan as per customers' demands and carry out detail design in functional structure and other aspects. 
3. Introduce production processes and product effects of various materials to customers in detail.

In-sales Service 

1. Review contract carefully and manufacture strictly as per requirements of materials, sizes and other process technologies. 
2. Implement production plan as per contract requirements and investigate and implement potential specific changes rapidly. 
3. Monitor production schedule regularly and report engineering project schedule to you in time. 
4. Cooperate actively with customers' requirements during production, perform each process well from technical and human-oriented views and provide timely and meticulous services throughout. 
5. Repair, return or replace any damaged product during its entire transportation process. 

After-Sales Service 

Adhering to the belief of "Customer first", the company opens 24h service hot line to ensure around-the-clock service. 
In case of any quality issue during utilization, the company will designate a professional to analyze and solve the issue to ensure user's normal working. 
In case of product quality issue (non-human factor) in the warranty period, the company takes charge of repairing and replacing and provides free maintenance and repair services. 

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